About Francesca

Francesca Page is a TV Host & Journalist with a career that has covered Lifestyle, Travel & Current Affairs.

As a TV Host and Journalist, Francesca has never been shy to the media spotlight, seeking to discover and address pressing topics in travel, lifestyle choices and mainstream current affairs.  Raised between Europe and the US, Francesca’s fascination with different cultures and lifestyles combined with a deep drive to help people in their day to day lives, has formed her career.

After completing her education at Kings College London as a journalist and philosophy major, Francesca made a permanent move to the US ten years ago. In the last decade she has blazed a trail in the media spotlight – you can currently find Francesca on national networks such as Fox, Hallmark, ABC, NBC, and CBS. She continues to work as a TV Host and Brand Ambassador for various lifestyle shows around the world, but resides in New York City…. where she calls ‘100 worlds in one.’