The ultimate baby travel bag

What are the best baby products to travel with and why? As a mom on the go, I have been traveling with my 6 month-er since 4 months… on trains, plane and automobiles. I have had to get really good at having travel sizes, nifty tricks on hand and good products that do more than one thing.

So what will you find in my baby bag on the go?

Mommy makeup – Admitdly this one is for me but happy mommy is happy baby. If you’re anything like me, you love kissing your little one as much as possible…. but for affectionate and breastfeeding moms alike, you want to be careful what allergens could affect your baby. During my pregnancy I did some research into clean makeup brands and found ILIA Beauty. From concealers to tinted lip conditioners and multi sticks (one stick that does cheeks, lips and even eyes) they have you covered, both in convenience and organic clean ingredients that are safe for you and baby.

Swaddles and wraps – These are great for multi-use as a swaddle and carrier and fold up nice and small into my baby bag. Solly Baby wraps give you and your little one unparalleled closeness and comfort. Solly products are made from sustainable fabrics, environmentally-friendly dyes and Certified Lenzing Modal – making them super soft, eco safe and long lasting. 

Stack-able, hold-able baby bottles – Nanobebe has to be the best bottle solution since sliced bread, when it comes to storage and convenience. Not only do their bottles look and feel like a real breast, with a shape that baby can actually hold themselves –  but they also stack on top of each other! The bottles also heat 2x faster than normal bottles and all have a 360 degree venting system to reduce colic issues. They have pump adapters for easy pump right to bottle milk transfer AND have a cute little bag that you can pop a few in with a cooler right inside. Now that’s what I call smart.

Baby wash and baby cream – Whether you are the kind of mother who ventures for the kitchen sink or has some fancy blow up bath, you will need to take something to wash baby with. I am not a fan of anything that could irritate baby so brands like Little Green are great (not only because their products are nice enough that I even like to use them washing my own hair!) They have a whole ‘travel friendly’ line, including their Shampoo and Body Wash – mild and tear-free, with vitamin b and e to nourish baby’s skin harmlessly. Another great travel product is their Soothing Balm – a little stick of heaven for chapped lips, rashes or any irritated skin on the go. Both TSA friendly, they can slip right into that baby bag side pocket!

Burp clothes and bibs – When I am traveling, I just don’t have the room for a hundred burp clothes in my luggage or time to do laundry. I like to take a few snap up little bibs instead that pop right around baby’s neck. Dr Brown’s does a line of great soft little snap up bibs with teethers attached (think no velcro pulling on delicate baby clothes) that fold up nicely and fit easily into my bag. They come in some fun colors and patterns too, protecting baby and me from messes. If I have to wash them on the go, they can be easily hand washed a dry fast on a hotel towel rod. No mess, no stress.  

Pacifiers and teethers – Why do I feel like I can never have enough of these?!? Because I cant! There are so many great pacifiers out there now and this really depends on what your baby prefers, their age etc. Dr Browns does a range of great soft silicone pacifiers. I also like the little flexi-pacies Nonobebe does which are lightweight and ergonomic so the pacifier stays in baby’s mouth. Doddle and Co do some great teethers and are also known for their pacifier that ‘pops when it drops’ to save on constant cleaning. Having said that, if you have a wee extra bit of room and are looking for a nipple sanitizer on the go, it’s worth picking up BBLUv’s battery powered one!

Baby sunnies – Apart from looking cute as pie, sunglasses for little ones by Hipsterkid actually protect their eyes. Basically, these are the sunglasses we want for ourselves in mini-size. Get ready for your kid to steal the scene with 100% UVA and UVB protection, Polarized, shatter-resistant lenses and Flexible, durable frames – all of which also help protect your little one’s eyes for sun damage.