Best Travel Social Networking Sites


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While you don’t always hear a ton about social networks for travelers, there are a few great ones out there that can help you plan trips, make new friends and discover places you never knew existed.

– Allows you to search prospective destinations based on the kinds of activities you do eg) skiing or surfing.
– If you already know where you want to go, you can also search by destination and get tips from local on what to do while you’re there.

– Business travel often means lonely travel, but Hellotel creates a localized social network around the hotel you’re staying in – this allows you to connect with other nearby travelers (or locals) to grab a drink or do a little networking.
– Have a specific need? You can also ask the group questions about everything from restaurants to transportation options and get answers in real time.

– This app allows you to explore some of the world’s most exciting travel destinations through the photos of other travelers (posted in an instagram-style format.)

– You can use the images to plan your next big getaway, or to just to take a virtual vacation from your office chair during your lunch break!