Honeymoon Tips

Hi there its me again, Miss Travel Guru. Fresh from the beach and newly engaged! Here to bring you some tips on one major travel topic – the honeymoon.

The joy of engagement quickly turns to panic for many of us prepping for that special day. But before you know it, it’ll be free time, beach time, him-and-you honeymoon time!

1. Decide how much activity you want in your honeymoon. Do you want to see a million museums or lie on by the pool for a week? Even if you are planning a cultural tour of Europe, start with some R&R at a comfortable spot before booking in all the site seeing.

2. Set your budget. Seasons have a big impact on honeymoon travel choices. Postponing the honeymoon to a less expensive season and booking as far in advance as possible could save you more than a few bucks!

3. Research weather. While summer is a popular time for weddings, summertime varies according to geography… and comes with a wack of humidity in many places as South America. You don’t want to be arguing over the broken A/C unit in your hotel all week.

4. Consider travel time. If you only have a week off of work, don’t spend two days on an airplane. You should also consider jet-lag. If it’s a hike to your ideal destination, see if you can’t find a happier compromise closer to home, to maximize your honeymoon happiness.

5. Talk to a travel agent. If you’re already overwhelmed with wedding planning, it could help to have someone else manage the honeymoon details!